History of pearls

  • Diving for Pearls
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    Diving for Pearls

    The industry of diving for pearls largely disappeared with the invention of a method for producing a cultured pearl in the early 20th century. Altho...

  • Pearls for a Royal Wedding?
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    Pearls for a Royal Wedding?

    The flags are decorating the Mall and Buckingham Palace already. There will surely be a lot of red, white and blue confetti in London next week! Kee...

  • What is a Pearl Momme ?
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    What is a Pearl Momme ?

    Thank you to all to who entered the Winterson Mother's Day competition to win a beautiful long pearl necklace, and congratulations to the winner Kr...

  • Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
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    Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

    Oysters and pearls throughout history have been enduring symbols of love, romance and more than a little passion. It is said that the Egyptian Queen...

  • The Cartier Necklace And Mrs Plant
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    The Cartier Necklace And Mrs Plant

    In 1917 enthusiastic New-Yorkers gawped at a double string necklace of natural pearls valued at $1 million, and said to be the finest in the Western...

  • Girl with a Pearl Earring
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    Girl with a Pearl Earring

    The pearl really is one of nature’s true wonders. The reflections of light from thin translucent layers beneath a pearl’s surface create a serie...

  • Welcome to Winterson
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    Welcome to Winterson

    Winterson is a luxury British jewellery brand, specialising in classic and contemporary pearl jewellery. With a successful family heritage and exper...

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