Pearl fashion

  • Party with Pearls
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    Party with Pearls

    Looking for a fabulous or stunning party look for this winter’s party season? There’s no excuse to hibernate this Christmas. Party with pearls,...

  • What are Baroque Pearls ?
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    What are Baroque Pearls ?

    When describing the shape of a pearl, baroque is a term that is used to describe irregular and non-symmetrically shaped pearls that have been forme...

  • How to Buy a Pearl Necklace
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    How to Buy a Pearl Necklace

    A pearl necklace is one of the finest pieces of jewellery that a woman can own. The diversity of pearls available today can inspire many different...

  • The Beauty of South Sea Pearls
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    The Beauty of South Sea Pearls

    Naturally occurring South Sea pearls are virtually unknown today on the world market. Although experiments in culturing South Sea pearls began as ea...

  • Girl with a Pearl Earring
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    Girl with a Pearl Earring

    The pearl really is one of nature’s true wonders. The reflections of light from thin translucent layers beneath a pearl’s surface create a serie...

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