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The Gemstone Guide to Aquamarine

About Aquamarine

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The colour of an ocean lagoon, the blue hues of aquamarine are uplifting and calming.

About Aquamarine
Aquamarine is a variety of beryl, with the presence of iron causing its characteristic colour. Its blue appearance may be enhanced with heat treatment.

Aquamarine has long been associated with the sea and was the “sailors lucky stone”. Legends tell how mermaids keep aquamarine hidden in treasure chests, offering the gemstone to sailors in distress during storms.

The blue stone still today carries a legacy of mystical and healing beliefs.

Even its name conjures a sense of beauty. Aquamarine, or “water of the sea”, is a pretty blue to greenish-blue gemstone.

Where it's found
Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ukraine and Zambia

Moh hardness
7.5-8 (1 soft to 10 hard)

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