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The Gemstone Guide to Rubies

About Ruby

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A symbol of passion and love.

About Ruby
The ruby is a precious stone belonging to the corundum mineral species, which are minerals composed of aluminium oxide. Large fine quality rubies are very rare and are amongst the most valuable of gems.

All natural rubies have imperfections, possibly as a result of containing mineral inclusions that give rise to a silky shine. Gemologists use these inclusions to distinguish rubies from imitation synthetic products. 

Rubies are renowned for displaying a beautiful star effect called an asterism. In relatively rare instances, a sharp six-ray star can be formed when light is reflected by inclusions in the ruby.

Deep vivid red to lighter pretty pink, caused by the element chromium. The name is derived from the word “ruber” in Latin, meaning red.

Where it's found
Thailand, Afghanistan, Kenya, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), Tanzania, and Vietnam

Moh hardness
9 (1 soft to 10 hard)

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40th wedding anniversary

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