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The Gemstone Guide to White Topaz

About White Topaz

Loved for
Its crystal clarity is believed to bring confidence and positivity to those who wear it.

About White Topaz
Topaz is an aluminum silicate fluoride hydroxide crystal.

The name topaz comes from topazos, an ancient Greek word meaning “to seek”. This could explain the association of the gemstone with truth and forgiveness, clarity of thought and expression, and the attainment of confidence to fulfill aspirations.

Topaz is seen as a fire stone, connected to both Jupiter and the Sun in ancient cultures. Naturally low refraction can result in brilliance and dullness within the same stone when viewed from different angles, believed to encapsulate the waxing and waning of the moon.

White (or silver topaz as it is sometimes known) is connected to the Crown chakra, focused on knowledge seeking, and creative and spiritual endeavors.

Topaz is often found in large scale, with a blue topaz of nearly 100 kilos found in the Ukraine. The Braganza, a famous white topaz set in the Portuguese crown, is said to weigh 1640ct, and was believed to be a diamond for several generations.

Naturally occurring white topaz is crystal clear to the eye. It can often be heat treated to create other topaz tones.

Where it's found
Sri Lanka, Brazil and Russia

Moh hardness
8 (1 soft to 10 hard)

Often associated with November

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