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How to look after and clean gold

Gold is a metal with remarkable properties.

It is a dense and durable metal being resistant to corrosion and oxidation, yet is sufficently soft and malleable for making of jewellery.

It is of little wonder that this noble metal has mesmeirised throughout the ages.

We would recommend the following simple steps to take care of your gold jewellery:

  • Examine the prongs and setting of your jewellery on a regular basis for signs of wear or other damage
  • Be careful of any contact with bleach, chemicals and solvents, as well as everyday lotions, hair treatments and perfumes
  • Remove your jewellery before bathing or participating in sporting activities, particularly in the swimming pool, sauna or the sea

To care for your gold jewellery, simply clean the gold with a soft, damp cleaning cloth and mild detergent. 

Polish the metal with gentle, circular movements and dry off any excess liquid from gemstones or their setting.

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