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How to look after your pearls

It is often said that pearls enjoy being worn and that they will warm up gently next to the skin.

Although suprisingly resilient, pearls are made with an organic material that is softer than other gems such as diamonds. This means that your pearls will require careful maintenance and wear to preserve their beauty.

Follow these simple rules and your Winterson pearls should give you much pleasure, becoming a treasured piece of jewellery.

Daily care
With improper care, a pearl's surface can be scratched and prone to dents, bumps and heavy contact with surfaces.

The organic structure that gives rise to a pearl's lustre and colour may be damaged by intense light or heat, pollution, acidity from cosmetics and perspiration.

We do not recommend wearing pearls in swimming pools or saunas as heat, chlorine and other chemicals can damage the pearl or its setting.

Wearing pearls
As part of your daily routine, we strongly recommend that you should always put your pearls on after the application of any perfume, body lotion, hairspray or foundation.

Avoid the pearls coming into any contact with bleach or hairdye.

Pearl rings
We also suggest that you always remove a pearl ring before washing your hands in warm water, showering or swimming. Continued exposure to warmth may over time weaken the pearl's setting on the ring.

How to clean pearls
Cleaning pearls should always follow a very simple routine. After wear, remove your pearls before applying any cosmetics or cleansing products. Simply wipe the pearls with a slightly damp, soft clean cloth so as to remove any perspiration or perfume.

Cleaning chemicals and treatments
In our experience, there is no need to use any special chemicals or treatment cloths to clean pearls. We do not recommend placing your pearls in an ultrasonic cleaner as this may tighten the nacre structure of the pearl and dull the brightness of its lustre.

Restringing pearl necklaces and bracelets
We recommend that you consider restringing your pearls on a regular basis, perhaps every 18 months to two years. Professional restringing will help protect the pearls from damage as a result stringing becoming frayed or stretched. We recommend using a very high quality Japanese nylon-based thread for suppleness and strength, but it is also possible to string on silk if you prefer. Please contact us or read more about our Restringing Services for further information.

How to store your pearls
After cleaning, always allow the pearls and their stringing to dry fully.

Store your jewellery in a jewellery box or soft pouch. The Winterson jewellery box is perfect for carefully storing your jewellery. Or if you are travelling away from home, use our protective jewellery pouch. If you have purchased a pair of earrings or pendant from us, the display insert of the jewellery box may also be removed to create a flat padded base for storage.

Avoid placing your pearls where they might be accidentally scratched by other gemstones or pieces of jewellery, such as clasps , earring posts or pins. Be careful not to store your pearls in a dehumidified atmosphere or plastic material for long periods of time as this may dehydrate the pearls and damage the structure of their nacre.

With careful storage, your pearls may be worn for years to come.

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