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How to look after your silver jewellery

Sterling silver is a beautiful material, which with proper care will shine for years to come.

Over time all sterling silver jewellery will tarnish naturally, particularly when exposed to salty air or chemical products such as perfume, chlorine, skin lotion and bleach. Tarnishing is a chemical reaction on the outer layer of the silver metal that will dull the shine of the silver as it corrodes.

We would recommend the following simple steps to take care of your silver jewellery:

  • Wear your silver jewellery regularly
  • Be careful of any contact with chemicals and solvents, as well as everyday lotions, hair bleach and perfumes
  • Remove your jewellery before bathing or participating in sporting activities, particularly in the swimming pool, a sauna or the sea

With a soft cloth, we recommend gently cleaning silver in warm and slightly soapy water. Pat dry with a lint free cloth.

We do not recommend the use of silver polish. If you do use a polish to remove any tarnishing from silver, It is important that you should be very careful not to expose a pearl or gemstone from these chemicals.

Be sure to clean your jewellery with a damp cloth afterwards.

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