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Engraving jewellery

Adding a short hand engraved message to a piece of jewellery is an unforgettable way to celebrate an anniversary, wedding birthday or to say thank you.

When should the engraving be done?
With pearl jewellery, we always recommend that the item be engraved before the pearls are set on to the jewellery.

You will also need to be sure that the ring is the correct size as any later resizing may obscure or remove the engraving.

How many characters can the engraved message be?
A number of our rings, pendants and earrings can be hand engraved with a modern or traditional style of font, with a combination of upper or lower case lettering.

The size of the engraving will depend on the type of jewellery, its size and the location of the engraving and hallmark.

With a ring, the engraver can usually fit around 20-25 characters in total around the band of a ring, on the outside or inside of the band. This character count includes spaces and full stops for a date.

How long does the engraving take to do?
An engraving will take approximately up to 2 weeks, in addition to any specified delivery time for certain styles and sizes of jewellery.

Is there a charge for engraving?
There is no additional charge for engraving a pendant or ring at Winterson, but you will not be able to return or exchange the item once it has been engraved.

Please see the section on Bespoke Orders in our Returns Policy for further details.

For further information
If you are interested in including an engraving with your jewellery, please Contact Us before placing an order.

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