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Restringing pearl necklaces and bracelets

To maintain the life of your jewellery, make a habit of giving your pearls an annual clean or a check-up with a jewellery specialist.

What to look for
If you notice that the thread of a pearl necklace or bracelet is becoming stretched, discoloured or frayed, then this usually means that the stringing should be replaced.

Restringing the jewellery will give it a renewed life and will help protect your pearls from loss or damage.

How often should pearls be restrung?
We recommend that you consider restringing your pearls on a regular basis, perhaps every 18 months to two years.

Our restringing services
If you have previously purchased your jewellery from Winterson, we would be happy to offer our restringing services to you.

Our team is highly experienced in stringing most styles of pearl jewellery, including single strands of pearls and more complex designs.

We use a traditional technique of pearl stringing, tying individual knots by hand between each pearl.

Tight knotting will protect the pearls from movement, giving flexibility to the jewellery and preventing individual pearls from slipping off the jewellery if the stringing were to break. Any initial tightness or kinking in the stringing will gently relax over time.

We usually recommend stringing with a very high quality Japanese nylon-based thread, chosen for its suppleness and strength, but are also able to string on silk if you prefer.

Our stringing services take approximately 5-10 days to complete. For a standard 45cm strand length, our stringing service is priced from £30, including VAT and secure shipment back to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

For a more detailed estimate of cost, or for further information on our restringing services, please Contact Us.

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