Buying Guide

Ring sizing

Many of our rings can be ordered to fit a required finger size, with most standard UK and international ring sizes being available for order. Please check the stock availability and delivery lead time for each ring on its page on this website.

How to check a ring size
This is one of the most important questions to answer when buying a ring. Read our guide to Choosing a Ring, or if you have an existing ring to compare to, download our Ring Sizer, being careful to follow the print instructions.

Which rings can be resized?
We are usually able to resize any of our diamond and gemstone rings up or down a size.

Remember that the more a ring is resized, the strength and durability of the ring and its gemstone settings may be affected.

We are also able to resize our range of pearl rings up or down a size, but suggest that you contact us for advice before resizing your jewellery.

Resizing a pearl ring
We would recommend that this work should be carried out by a jeweller experienced in working with pearls. To avoid damage to the pearl or its nacre, the pearl should always be removed from its setting before any work, polishing or rhodium plating is carried out.

With some styles of pearl ring, we would not recommend resizing more than one size up or down as this may alter the shape of the setting for the pearl.

Our resizing services
We would be happy to help with resizing a ring from Winterson. If you would like more information on our ring resizing service, please Contact Us.

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