Buying Guide

How to store your pearls

After cleaning, always allow the pearls and their stringing to dry fully.

Store your jewellery in a jewellery box or soft pouch. The Winterson jewellery box is perfect for carefully storing your jewellery.

Or if you are travelling away from home, use our protective jewellery pouch.

If you have purchased a pair of earrings or pendant from us, the display insert of the jewellery box may also be removed to create a flat padded base for storage.

Avoid placing your pearls where they might be accidentally scratched by other gemstones or pieces of jewellery, such as clasps , earring posts or pins.

Be careful not to store your pearls in a dehumidified atmosphere or plastic material for long periods of time as this may dehydrate the pearls and damage the structure of their nacre.

With careful storage, your pearls may be worn for years to come.