Choosing Jewellery for Valentine's Day

Choosing Exquisite Jewellery for Valentine's Day

Each year around five per cent of us choose to show our love by giving our beloved a piece of jewellery for Valentine’s Day. Whilst diamonds have been a firm favourite in recent years, they're not the only choice.

Here are a few simple tips to help ensure your choice of gift this Valentine’s Day is as beautiful and perfect as the recipient.


While it’s easy to be tempted by the changing trends of fast fashion, most of us take less risk when it comes to our taste in jewellery. Before you start shopping, try to gain a clear idea of preference when it comes to the different types of precious metals and gemstones. For example, does she prefer rose or white gold to yellow? And perhaps establish whether she tends to go for classic or more contemporary pieces.


It’s important to consider what your valentine is hoping to see when presented with luxury jewellery. If you’re yet to pop the question, think very carefully about the disappointment you may unintentionally cause by opting for anything that comes in a ring-sized box. Instead think about opting for a piece of jewellery that makes it clear you’re not about to drop down on one knee.


Pendants in pearl, diamond or gemstones, are a thoughtful choice, especially if you can choose something that is lovely paired with her favourite dress.


A national rise in the average transaction values of jewellery purchases at this time of year suggests that many do feel it’s a good time to invest in what’s possibly the most romantic of Valentine’s Day gifts, an engagement ring.

Pearl Engagement Rings

While engagement ring fashions in the twentieth century leant heavily towards diamond solitaires, this hasn’t always been the case, with many different gemstones and pearls being traditionally used in the past.

A stunning central pearl accented by two princess cut diamonds is a timeless classic with a contemporary twist, while opting for a Tahitian or a white Akoya pearl offset by a brightly-coloured gemstone promises enduring beauty in a decidedly 21st century style.

Or for something altogether different celebrate your love with a burst of colour by selecting a ring featuring vivid run of breathtaking pink or blue sapphires.


Whether it’s elegant earrings or that all important ring, ensure your gift delights from the second that she lays eyes on it by opting for expertly gift-wrapped jewels.

Gift Wrapping at Winterson

Each piece of Winterson jewellery comes in our stunning signature zigzag wrapping, which means your purchase is guaranteed to be beautiful inside and out, just like your loved one.

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