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A Buying Guide to Gemstones

The Gemstone Guide

The colourful world of gems
Discover a gorgeous gemstone with our buying guide to pearls, diamonds and other gems.

We love
A world that extends beyond the classic beauty of diamonds and white pearls. Our jewellery is known for its appreciation of colour, combining the subtleties of the pearl with the intense hues of a gem.

What is a gemstone?
A natural inorganic material, with the exception of metals, that is used in jewellery.

As an organic gem that is not solely made from an inorganic mineral, pearls are unique.

What to look for
The value of a gem depends on its rarity, qualities and beauty. Typically size, cut, clarity and colour are key qualities to be aware of.

What are Precious and Semi-Precious gems?
Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are precious gems, revered for their rarity, value and religious significance. Amethyst was considered one of the five cardinal gems before the discovery of substantial mineral deposits in the 1800s.

All other gems are considered to be semi-precious.

The Moh Scale of Mineral Hardness
The Moh scale is used to grade the resistance of a gem against scratching. The scale ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest known gem such as a diamond.

Pearls are a delicate material, having a hardness of approximately 2.5 on the Moh scale, which is softer than other inorganic gemstones.

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