The Winterson Prize

Winterson celebrates new generations of jewellery talent every year, collaborating since 2013 with one of the most influential arts and design institutes in the world, Central Saint Martins in London.

With our support and pearls, the CSM BA Jewellery Design students are able to compete for The Winterson Prize, an annual award for the Best Use of Pearls in design.

Meet Our Winners

Winner 2023

Rosa Lusvardi

The winner of the Winterson prize in 2023 is Rosa Lusvardi for her collection 'Girly', an unapologetic exploration of youth culture and femininity.

Realising her jewellery from iconic feminine materials, such as nail varnish and pearls, Rosa invites us to reflect on our own journey of self actualisation and the joy of dressing up.

The collection draws on classical jewellery forms such as the bow to inspire women and girls to embrace their femininity, while celebrating the things that bring them joy.

Winner 2022

Hwajung Yoo

The winner of the Winterson prize in 2022 is Hwajung Yoo, for her final year collection 'Time to be...' which draws inspiration from the intricacy of watch movements and the traditionally feminine qualities of the pearl.

Hwajung reflects on the vitality of ego and its relationship to time and place, visualising identities as different kinds of objects; vulnerable, delicate but bold.

The delicate ticking pearls line up with each other over time, creating a journey to recognise one's true self by acknowledging the existence of multiple personas and allows everyone to lead their life on their own terms.

Winner 2021

Roni Levy

The winner of the Winterson prize in 2021 was Roni Levy, for her extraordinary journey of reimagining humble materials, inspired by the natural architecture of a discarded onion.

Using the veneer of onion skins, whilst reconstituting their natural colour and qualities, Roni's process is rooted in transformation to create a collection of exaggerated forms of classical jewellery.

This project, with its oversized pearl necklace created from white onion, tells a story about layers of hidden meaning and discovery, to question pre-existing concepts of luxury.

Winner 2020

Zak Sheinman

The winner of the Winterson prize in 2020 was Zak Sheinman, for his collection ‘Breaking Point’, an exploration in restoring value to everyday damaged and broken jewels.

To capture the visual moment of impact, Zak developed a unique series of virtual pieces and 3D animations, with jewels and materials energetically colliding and morphing from one form to another.

Pearls were a natural choice of gem for this work, being recognisable, inspirational and yet delicate, with their unexpected movement in the animation influencing the shape of the stronger metal jewellery.

Winner 2019

Juntao Asa Ouyang

The winner of the Winterson prize in 2019 was Juntao Asa Ouyang, for her collection ‘Glitch’, which explored the fusion between traditional Chinese lacquer work and a 21st century dependence on technology.

Asa used an ancient traditional technique of lacquer inlay, putting it to use in creating a futurist and thoughtful collection that questions modern reality.

The collection used a combination of abalone mother of pearl, known for its vibrant tones of blue, green and purple, and freshwater pearls to create a series of high-tech glasses, headphones and identity cards.

Winner 2018

Aidan Madden

The winner of the Winterson prize in 2018 was Aidan Madden, for his collection ‘Pearl Culture’, a gently humorous series of single pearl earrings.

Aidan painstakingly fused together, carved and finely lathe-turned each of the pearls to create his miniature sculptures, revealing previously hidden layers, colours and views of the pearl's nacre.

Squared studs, ethereal eyes and faces, ghostly caterpillars, pearls with crowns and alien heads cleverly reference pop cultural themes and cartoon characters to reinvent the cultured pearl.

Winner 2017

Yanmi Lui

The winner of the Winterson prize in 2017 was Yanmi Lui, for her collection ‘Modern Self-defence Armour & Weaponry’, a playful set of self-defense weaponry.

The collection of necklaces, pearl blowguns, bottle cuffs and shields was inspired by the natural defence systems of animals and plants, together with an interest in the role of martial arts today.

Witty in its imaginative mimicry of organic colours, functions and textures, Yanmi made a clear conceptual connection between the origins of the pearl as a protective response and her sources of inspiration.

Winner 2016

Coline Assade

The winner of the Winterson prize in 2016 was Coline Assade, for her collection ‘Unconventional Femininity’, an exploration of identity and self-expression.

The work was about femininity and identity, asking the wearer and viewer to be more playful with their identity and to raise questions about what is gender and who they really are.

Experimental, and with a bold, distinctive voice, Coline embraced the pearl and put it at the heart of her collection, celebrating the uniqueness of the baroque pearl as a symbol of feminine individuality.

Winner 2015

Evie Armstrong

The winner of the Winterson prize in 2015 was Evangeline Armstrong, for a witty and playful collection titled ‘The Daily Grind: Secret Jewellery For the City Businessman’.

The work used a range of innovative techniques, including setting rows of delicate white and dark Freshwater seed pearls in an unconventional jeweller's material of grey urban concrete.

The result was to create beautiful flashes of subtle classicism, with brightly coloured tailored socks and ties appearing from beneath the very conservative style of traditional men’s shirts and suits.

Winner 2014

Felicia Swartling

The second winner of the Winterson Prize was Felicia Swartling, for a collection that combined imaginative tactile elements with the freeform shapes of baroque pearls.

With a dark sensibility and a penchant for glamour, the emerging Swedish jewellery designer's work showed a well-judged appreciation of how each pearl could become an integral part of each piece.

The winning collection included four dramatic oxidised silver rings titled Kläm and Bird, set with lustrous, dark grey baroque pearls on sculptural plinths. The pieces are shown here with baroque Tahitian pearls.

Winner 2013

Bella Mung

The winner of the inaugural Winterson prize was Bella Mung, for a contemporary and often humorous exploration of the use of pearls in everyday fashion.

Exploring the idea of the hidden shape and form of a necklace beneath a garment, the collection included a pearl necklace that transformed into a tie and a pair of gentleman's pearl-studded brogues.

The stand-out piece of the collection was this pearl necklace that was transfixed like the wearer's hair blowing in the wind. The considered shape and graduation of the necklace was perfect.

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