The necklace is a classic piece of jewellery, with a timeless style and is beautiful to wear. Our pearl necklaces are carefully selected and matched, and available in a range of lengths, pearl shapes and colours, so as to be exquisite whatever the occasion.

With our standards of quality and attention to detail, you are always assured of a simply beautiful and timeless necklace.


Jewellery Sets

Find a perfect gift with our selection of jewellery sets, carefully matched pieces of the most popular necklaces, earrings and bracelets at Winterson. Always beautiful, these jewellery sets are designed to please.

The Akoya Pearl Necklace

Our Akoya pearl necklaces are strung by hand in the UK with a high quality Japanese thread and are available in a variety of different lengths, with pearl sizes that measure between 6 and 9mm in diameter.
Most of the Akoya necklaces can be strung to a particular length to suit your own preference and easily matched to a pair of Akoya earrings or an Akoya pearl bracelet.

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