Pearl Wedding Anniversary

Gifts for a Pearl Wedding Anniversary

Traditionally a pearl wedding anniversary represents the 30th year of marriage, with pearls being a beautiful gift from one partner to another. If you are celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary soon, here are our favourite ideas for finding the perfect pearl jewellery.


Many women will wear classic white pearls, usually Freshwater or Akoya, on her wedding day. One choice of gift for a pearl wedding anniversary would be to match the style of her wedding jewellery, perhaps with a pendant or bracelet. Consider the size and type of the pearls, their colour (white or cream) and the metal of the setting to be sure that the old and new pearls will be a good match together.

An alternative would be to choose a piece of pearl jewellery, that has perhaps been set with gemstones. Diamonds are a lovely partner for pearls, but other gems such as the rubies pictured above can lift a design and bring a hint of colour to the jewellery. Further colour can also be introduced through the type of pearl chosen. Freshwater pearls can be found in a variety of pastel shades as well as white, Tahitian pearls in a range of grey hues and South Sea pearls can be found in luxurious gold.

A final suggestion would be an elegant cocktail ring, finished in gold with a diamond or other precious stones. We will be introducing a range of pearl rings this Autumn at Winterson, which would make a stunning pearl wedding anniversary gift.


If you are thinking about a pearl gift for a man, the cool metallic greys and silvers of Tahitian pearls are an excellent choice. These can be designed to make an classic pair of cufflinks or can be hung casually, Hawaiian surfer-style, with high quality leather around the neck. We do not yet offer a range of pearls for men at Winterson, but may introduce this in 2013. Please do contact us if you would like more information.

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