Pearl Clasps

Choosing the Best Necklace Clasp

For a jewellery designer, there are many colours, shapes and sizes of cultured pearls that can be used to create classic and contemporary pearl necklaces. A beautiful single strand of pearls can be further enhanced with a well-chosen necklace clasp. So how do you go about choosing the right clasp for wearing with a pearl necklace?

Clasps for necklaces may be made with gold or silver, perhaps including diamonds or other precious stones, and may have a classic, vintage or contemporary style. There are many different basic clasp designs that could be chosen to complete the final look of the necklace. These designs typically include the fish hook, the push clasp, the lobster, the spring ring, the magnetic necklace clasp, the screw clasp, the bar clasp...and many more.


The first step for a designer in choosing a clasp is to consider how it will look together with the pearls. Fashion is a matter of personal choice, but it is important to consider the balance of size and colour between the pearls and the clasp. A discrete ball clasp might match a classic pearl necklace perfectly, whereas a luxurious and large diamond pave clasp will create a dramatic statement that will lift the overall look of the necklace. Certain necklace clasps are so pretty that they can also be worn to the side or in front of a pearl necklace.


If your strand of pearls is an opera length necklace or longer, it is important to find a secure clasp. A magnetic necklace clasp is very easy to fasten, but generally cannot support the weight of a larger or longer strand of pearls. The fish hook is a popular clasp as it is secure, but many customers of ours find it difficult to fasten. When choosing a clasp, be pragmatic and seek the right balance of style and ease of wear.


The finishing of a clasp is an aspect not to ignore. A good clasp should be robust enough to withstand many hundred or even thousands of uses. It should have a smooth surface that allows it to sit around your neck comfortably. Do consider which precious materials have been used in the clasp to understand its value as this may have a significant influence on the overall price of the jewellery. For example, gold clasps for necklaces are of considerably more value than silver, gold plated silver or coated metal clasps. Consider also the size and value of any diamonds or precious stones that have been used in the jewellery design.

Finally, remember when buying a pearl necklace that it is as important to look at the quality of the pearls as the necklace clasp itself. It is usually always possible to restring a necklace and change your clasp in the future, but the pearls are unique.

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