Rosa Lusvardi, Winterson Prize winner

Rosa Lusvardi, winner of the Winterson Prize 2023

The winner of the Winterson prize in 2023 is Rosa Lusvardi for her final year collection 'Girly', an unapologetic exploration of youth culture and femininity.

Winterson: Tell us a little bit about yourself...
Rosa: I grew up in a village in the north east of England. I moved to London to start the jewellery design course at Central St Martins.

Winterson: What was the inspiration for this collection?
Rosa: Female youth culture and the joys of getting ready. All things pink and girly! Barbie, Polly Pocket, children’s jewellery, make up, nail polish, nail art, fashion, pink, Paris Hilton’s rhinestone encrusted spatula, Hello Kitty, bows on Marie Antoinette's dresses, emojis… !!!

Image 1: Pop Princess Pearl, bow ring, Gilding metal, hard gel nail polish, nail gems, freshwater pearl, Rosa Lusvardi
Image 2: Bubblegum, bow ring, Gilding metal, hard gel nail polish, Rosa Lusvardi

Winterson: What do you find inspiring about pearls? Why were they right for this collection?
Rosa: Pearls are commonly associated with femininity, so I felt it was right to include them in my collection. I also really liked the way that the way the pearls looked with my nail polish colours and the shapes of my pieces.

Winterson: What have you discovered about working with pearls?
Rosa: Pearls have their own personality, they brought elegance to my collection. I found it really fun to design a piece of jewellery around the Pearl.

Winterson: We loved the way your work sends a message about the powerful importance of self-exploration and examining the “codes” of femininity for young women today. Do you see your work as feminist?
Rosa: Yes. My collection is about inspiring people to embrace their femininity. I use feminine motifs, colours and decoration with the intent of celebrating femininity.

Image 1: Destiny, ring, Gilding metal, hard gel nail polish, glass stone, Rosa Lusvardi
Image 2: Pearl, ring, Gilding metal, hard gel nail polish, Freshwater pearls, Rosa Lusvardi

Winterson: Which designer or artist do you most admire?
Rosa: Sandy Liang and Simone Rocha, their work has given me a lot of inspiration!

Winterson: Who could you imagine wearing your jewellery?
Rosa: All my friends.

Winterson: What is it that makes a piece of jewellery a design classic in your view?
Rosa: Something memorable.

Image 1: Moondust, flower ring, Gilding metal, hard gel nail polish, glass stone, Rosa Lusvardi
Image 2: Sweet, bow ring, Gilding metal, hard gel nail polish, nail gems and ‘sweet’ sticker, Rosa Lusvardi

Winterson: Name one jewellery toolbox essential that you can’t live without.
Rosa: My tiny paint brushes.

Winterson: What’s next for you after CSM?
Rosa: Hopefully more jewellery!

Winterson: Have you seen the new Barbie movie? Team Ken or Team Barbie?
Rosa: I'm excited to watch it when it comes into cinemas! I'm sure I’ll be Team Barbie...

Winterson’s Creative Director Alice Cicolini commented “Rosa draws on classical jewellery forms which have become emblematic of feminine adornment such as the Georgian Bow, forms that also have an echo in the bubblegum plastic universe of Barbie and other girl’s toys. She both subverts and celebrates the journey from girlhood to womanhood and what it means to explore female identity today. Realising her jewellery from iconic feminine materials, such as nail varnish and pearls, Rosa invites us to reflect on our own journey of self actualisation and the joy of dressing up.”

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With thanks to Rosa Lusvardi

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