Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings

Unforgettable Gifts for Mother's Day

What love could be more enduring than the love we hold for our mothers?

To celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday March 10th this year, cards, chocolates or flowers are delightful gifts, yet also short-lived. If you are thinking of a more lasting tribute, a classic piece of pearl jewellery will be appreciated and enjoyed every day of the year.

For our selection of three unforgettable Mother’s Day gifts, we have chosen the classic Akoya pearl. The first pearl to be cultured in Japan, their history and prettiness makes the Akoya pearl a pertinent symbol of enduring love.

This ‘mother’ of cultured pearls is also characterized by its beautiful, high lustre and near perfect round shape.


The grace of the Akoya pearl is highlighted in a pair of Akoya pearl earrings, an elegant and simple form of jewellery. These are feminine earrings, with a subtle pink overtone, that are a jewellery box staple.

Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings

The surface of Akoya pearls is made of nacre, similar to mother of pearl, which has unique properties. The shine of a pearl's nacre reflects light across the face of its wearer with an flattering glow.

Akoya pearl stud earrings suit ladies of all ages and, like a subtle daily touch of mascara or eye shadow, they become an indispensable accessory.


An 18 carat gold chain presents an delicate, exquisite pearl and diamond pendant. This combination of precious gemstones has been a favorite for centuries as the lustre of the Akoya pearl contrasts well with the sparkle of the diamond.

Akoya Pearl Pendant

Like a precious treasure to discretely adorn the neckline, and lying close to the heart, this pendant is also available from Winterson in 18 carat white gold.


Our final gift for Mother's Day is inspired by the circle.

A symbol of eternity, rings symbolise a loving bond and the elegant shape of this 18 carat yellow gold Akoya ring echoes the pretty round shape of its Akoya pearl.

Akoya Pearl Ring

View our Gifts for Mothers for other enduring Mother's Day gift ideas.

All of our jewellery is treasured in a luxurious black jewellery box and travel pouch, like a precious pearl in the shell of its oyster. The jewellery box is snuggly fitted into a coral pink protective box, wrapped with a zigzag pattern and sealed with our Winterson flower.

Now, please hand over the chocolates…

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