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Bella Mung - Winterson Prize 2013

Congratulations to Bella Mung, the winner of the Winterson Prize 2013 for the Best Use of Pearls.

Announced yesterday evening at Central Saint Martins, London, Bella was awarded the prize for her contemporary and often humorous exploration of the use of pearls in everyday fashion.

Bella Mung_sketch

There were many pieces of a high standard in the CSM BA Jewellery Design Class 2013, including Claudia Rice's collection of historically inspired jewellery and Simeï Iréne Snyman's ambiguous fantasy garden of ceramic food.

The judges, which included CSM course leader Caroline Broadhead and designer Alice Cicolini, however, loved the detailed development of Bella's concepts throughout the last year.

Bella Mung_Concept Sketches

Initially exploring the idea of the hidden shape and form of a necklace beneath a garment, inspired by her mother's jewellery, Bella playfully extended the concept to using pearls in different pieces of attire.

These often amusing and sometimes peculiar pieces of fashion included a pearl necklace that transformed into a tie, a hoody with its suggestion of pearls and a pair of gentlemen's pearl-studded brogues.

Bella Mung_Pearl Brogue Shoes

The stand-out piece was this pearl necklace (above) that was transfixed like the wearer's hair blowing in the wind. The considered shape and graduation of the necklace was perfect.

We asked Bella about her inspiration and plans for the future:

Tell us about yourself.

I studied the foundation of art and design in Los Angeles and found out I am very interested in the jewellery field.

What was the inspiration for this piece?

I love the way my mother wears her mother's silver chain half hidden by her clothes and half shown. I copy the way she does this by combining a pearl necklace with everyday wear.

What's next for you?

I will be doing an internship in BLESS after I graduate and applying for an MA degree at the Royal College of Art in 2014.

Name one jewellery toolbox essential that you can’t live without.

My Pearl knotter.

Image Credits:

With thanks to Bella Mung

Caroline Broadhead, Veil - 1983

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