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Choosing a Pearl Pendant

The fascinating Venus of Hohle Fels is perhaps the oldest sculpture of a human figure found today. It is a six-centimeter tall figurine of a voluptuous woman, dating back to about 35,000 years ago. Carved from mammoth ivory with a delicately carved ring in place of a head, it may also be the oldest known pendant found in Europe.

Whilst experts continue to decipher the meaning of the Venus of Hohle Fels, there is no doubt that pendants have become one of the most loved forms of jewellery. Pendants are worn today by both women and men as symbols of identity, religion, love or an elegant fashion accessory.


Among the wide choice of classic and contemporary pendant designs, real pearl pendants are highly versatile and can be worn on almost any occasion, from everyday wear to a wedding day. To help you choose an perfect pearl pendant for yourself or someone you love, here is a short guide.



The pearl is typically the central focus of a pearl pendant and for this reason the highest quality grading of pearls are often selected for luxury pearl pendants. These pearls should have a strong lustre, a thick nacre, a clean surface and beautiful natural colours.



The most popular shapes of pearls that are used in pendants are round, tear drop or button shaped pearls. All of these shapes will lie elegantly around the neck and have a pleasing symmetry.



The size of the pearl in a pearl pendant will impact the price of the pendant, particularly as larger Tahitian and South Sea pearls become more expensive. In a classic single pearl pendant design, the more popular pearl sizes are between 8-11mm in diameter.



Pearls are a beautiful match with diamonds, that might be set as a solitaire just above the pearl. For a more contemporary twist, pearls can also be matched with colourful gemstones such as sparkling blue sapphires or eye catching garnets.



Pearl pendants can also be hung from a necklace, called an enhancer, but today are more often worn from a simple silver or gold chain. The weight and finish of the chain should hold the pendant safely and be beautiful without distracting from the pearl and its setting. The standard length of a pearl pendant chain is typically 42 cm or 45 cm, which would be similar to a long choker or princess length necklace. For a luxury pearl pendant, 18 carat gold or platinum is a preferable choice.


At Winterson, our most popular pearl pendants are the single pearl pendant, perhaps with a lustrous white freshwater pearl and a sparkling solitaire diamond. More exotic Tahitian pearl pendants, with their shimmering grey, silver and black colours, or with a designer twist, Sophie Breitmeyer's colourful designer pendants with Akoya pearls are strong favourites too.

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