Choosing Pearl Earrings

Choosing And Wearing Pearl Earrings

There are as many types of pearl earrings as there are candies in a sweet shop: round, oval or baroque pearls, white, pink, silver or black pearls, studs and drops, diamonds or precious stones.


Pearls have a unique characteristic of capturing and reflecting light, which means they will match with almost any colour or look. Choosing which pearl earrings to wear on which occasion might give you a sugar rush, so here is a simple guide to choosing and wearing pearl earrings.



Amongst all the earrings in a women’s jewellery box, the simple yet elegant white Akoya pearl earring is the earring of choice for everyday wear. Stud earrings are also so comfortable that you can almost forget that you are wearing them.


For a relaxed style we would recommend choosing a pearl that is not too large for your ear. If you have more petite features, consider a stud with a 6-7mm diameter pearl or if you have more pronounced features consider an 8-9mm diameter pearl. If you prefer a bolder look, why not try larger button shaped pearl earrings? Button pearl studs can be easily worn in sizes over 9mm for a more contemporary style, without pulling on the ear.


One of our preferred pearl earrings is the pink pearl earring stud, which is a fun alternative to white. Pink Freshwater pearl earrings look absolutely amazing if you are wearing red, pink or purple clothes or accessories.



If you are looking for the ultimate evening pearl earrings to wear with a little black dress, consider South Sea pearls. These pearls have an ice-white or golden silky shine and are typically found in larger sizes of over 10mm diameter. A simple South Sea pearl earring is quite beautiful, and even more so when matched with diamonds. Diamonds and pearls have long been a girl’s best friends as the sharp sparkle of diamonds works beautifully with the soft warm lustre of pearls.


If you are looking for a more contemporary evening style, consider wearing Tahitian pearl earrings with their dark and more exotic colours. Their baroque shapes and peacock colours will also make unique and envied pearl earrings.



Powerful political and business women are frequently seen wearing pearls. The classic white pearl will bring a discreet, yet polished touch to any suit or business attire. We would recommend Akoya pearl earrings for the office as these pearls are more often perfectly round and are known for their strong lustre and quality.


Finally, if you are looking for that difficult corporate casual look, why not try a drop earring? These retain their tasteful discretion whilst still catching the eye with a gentle movement.

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