Evangeline Armstrong

Evangeline Armstrong, Winterson Prize 2015

We are delighted to announce that Evangeline Armstrong is the winner of this year's Winterson Prize for the Best Use of Pearls, for a witty and playful new collection of jewellery.

For the past three years we have been supporting the students of Central Saint Martins, the influential London arts institute, with pearls and advice on working with this beautiful gem.

Evangeline Armstrong

Every year a number of students choose pearls as the main focus for their degree show collection and this year’s candidates did not disappoint with their work, delivering an impressive array of imaginative design.

The result was an exciting and varied portfolio of exquisite pieces, ranging from the classic through to the more avant-garde.

The annual BA Jewellery Design Awards took place on Thursday 25th June at an exclusive ceremony at Central Saint Martins, London.

Blue Tie by Evangeline Armstrong

Joining Andrew Fraser from Winterson on a panel of leading jewellery design experts was Caroline Broadhead, Programme Director at CSM, Maia Adams, Director and Founder at Adorn Insight, and British jewellery designer and Creative Director of Winterson, Alice Cicolini, herself an MA graduate of Central Saint Martins.

Shoes by Evangeline Armstrong

Titled ‘The Daily Grind: Secret Jewellery For the City Businessman’, we loved the modern approach taken by Evangeline. Setting classic pearls in concrete, with tailored men's fashion, fully reflected the fun and expression of the story behind the jewellery.

Commenting on the views of the judges, our Creative Director Alice Cicolini said: “We were intrigued by the whole concept of making these extremely beautiful flashes of subtle classicism appear from underneath the very conservative style of men’s shirts and suits"

A great winner for this year’s prize and congratulations to Evangeline!

Watch the video above or here. To learn more about this year's competition, read the first part in our series of interviews with Evangeline Armstrong and the students at CSM.

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With thanks to Evangeline Armstrong

The Twining Wood Neck Piece by Danya Xie

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