How to Clean Pearls

How to Clean Pearls

Pearls are made of organic matter, and so it is very important that you take care of them properly. Follow this simple routine for how to clean pearls.

Pearls really enjoy being worn and warm up gently next to the skin. Pearls are, however, also sensitive and can be damaged by acidity. We strongly recommend that you should always put your pearls on after the application of any body lotion, hairspray or perfume.

Cleaning pearls should follow a very simple routine. Wipe your pearls with a slightly damp, clean cloth so as to remove any perspiration or perfume.

There is no need to use any special chemicals or treatment.

After cleaning, store your pearls in a special box or silk pouch and avoid placing them in a jewellery box where they might be scratched by other pieces of jewellery.

Finally, give your pearls an annual check-up with a jewellery specialist that includes professional cleaning of the pearls if they are worn often and restringing if the thread is becoming stretched, discoloured or frayed.

Follow these simple rules and your pearls should give you much pleasure. If you have any questions on pearl care, we’d love to hear from you.

For more information read our Pearl Guide on Caring for Pearls here.

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