Introducing the new Mythologie collection

Introducing the Mythologie collection, inspired by the myths and legends of the fabled pearl. The wonderful shape of the pearl, and its associations with water, has reached across many cultures and celebrated as a symbol of purity, love and wisdom.

This legend of the drop shaped pearl is the basis of our inspiration for Mythologie. Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, was born from the sea, and the Greeks believed that pearls were created from the drops of water that cascaded from her body as she rose from the ocean. Hindu folklore also speaks of pearls as dewdrops that have tumbled out of the night, into the moonlit sea. Shafts of light from the moon drew oysters to the surface of the water, glistening with heavenly dew.

Mythologie collection in white gold

Image 1: Classic Leverbacks with Mythologie Amethyst Drops in White Gold
Image 2: Mythologie Akoya Pearl and Diamond Pendant in White Gold

Chinese legends suggest that pearls were the thoughts formed inside the mind of the dragon, and brought into the world as the drops of mist of the dragon’s breath. Arabian myths suggest pearls are hardened moon drops. The ancient Japanese believed they were created from the tears of fantastical creatures, such as mermaids, nymphs, and angels.

The collection features earrings and pendants created from amethyst, green amethyst, rose quartz, London blue topaz, aquamarine and citrine – and of course the pearl – all complemented with a delicate pave of diamonds, like drops of dew.

Mythologie collection in yellow gold

Image 1: Mythologie Akoya Pearl and Diamond Pendant in Yellow Gold
Image 2: Classic Leverbacks with Mythologie London Blue Topaz Drops in Yellow Gold

The Mythologie earring drops have also been specially created as a complement to our classic Diamond Leverbacks. The leverbacks are already a versatile addition to any jewellery wardrobe, with a range of interchangeable pearls in Akoya, freshwater drops, Tahitian pearls in tones of grey, black and peacock, and stunning golden and white South Sea pearls. The new Mythologie drops extends this flexibility further, with colour or tone, whatever your outfit.

For the Mythologie collection, we are also introducing a new blue diamond leverback earring in white gold, and a pink diamond leverback in yellow gold. These two new earrings offer a dramatic complement to the new gemstone drops, creating a stunning way to change the style of your jewellery.Mythologie collection in rose gold

Image 1: Classic Leverbacks with Mythologie Rose Quartz Drops in Rose Gold
Image 2: Mythologie Green Amethyst and Diamond Pendant in Rose Gold

To match the leverback fittings, the Mythologie pendants are available in the same gemstone combinations and are suspended below a special drop-shaped white diamond pendant, finished in 18 carat white gold.

The pearl’s long association with love is captured in the fable of Krishna, the Hindu god of love, who dived to the bottom of the ocean to capture the finest pearl drop to give as a gift on the marriage of his daughter. In the Ramayana, the elements of earth, fire, air and water offer up gifts to the gods; the sea offers the pearl, and the gods wear them next to their hearts.

Give the gift of love with a piece of jewellery from Mythologie collection.
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