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Jewellery Trends Summer 2015 - Colour, Chokers and Pearls…

As summer arrives, all those emerging jewellery trends that we spotted on the SS15 catwalks will start to feature high on wish lists and influence our shopping habits.

Delicately enhancing the estate jewellery seen at shows by Prada and Dolce and Gabbana, and appearing on exquisite chokers by Lanvin and Chanel, pearls look set to be a major jewellery trend again this season.

And if you have a long established desire to own some truly beautiful jewellery, now is the ideal time to consider how you would like to wear your pearls.


For some, pearl jewellery will mean a classic strand of pearls. Unquestionably beautiful and effortlessly elegant, a classic strand will always stand the test of time. But it is the exquisite lustre of the pearl, arguably one of nature’s most beautiful gems, that’s inspiring a whole new wave of designers to work with it.

Akoya Pearl Ring

With any ‘hero’ pearl piece, simplicity is key. One unique pearl takes centre stage and makes its statement.

Single pearls on gold bands, worn stacked or with multiple rings across fingers will be a particularly popular way to embrace this particular trend.


Estate jewellery describes those antique and vintage pieces that also featured in many of the new season’s shows.

Delicate Georgian earrings adorned the ears of catwalk models in all shapes and sizes.

Alice Cicolini Beau Hoops

Winterson Creative Director Alice Cicolini’s 19th century inspired Beau collection takes inspiration from this quintessentially British style. Centering her designs around a modern bow pattern, she plays with the language of lustrous seed pearls, diamonds and enamelling to exquisite effect.


While we saw statement, at times more flamboyant, pearl chokers from Lanvin, there were also more wearable influences taking centre stage such as those from Coach.

For anyone feeling unsure about embracing such a stand-out trend, a simple, classic pearl strand could be the perfect entry point.

Pink Freshwater Pearl Choker Necklace

Pink Freshwater or peacock green Tahitian pearls can offer an extra colour dimension to any pearl jewellery, while pure white Akoya pearls ensure that you will be able to match your new piece to almost any outfit.


A cascade of colour dazzled us at SS15 shows worldwide, a particular highlight for colour-lovers being Ralph Lauren’s vivid rainbow-coloured display of gemstones.

This eye-catching trend for rainbow gems looks set to stay for summer. And with such a range of colours out there, it is just a question of deciding how bright you would like to go.

Gemstone Earrings Fan

Bright amethyst or blush pink tourmaline alongside pearls or diamonds are a failsafe option if you want to stay classic.

Delicate gemstone studs also embrace another current trend for mismatched or unbalanced earrings. Mix and match them and have some fun experimenting as you go.


While some of the major design houses remain fixed on the trend for classic white pearls with yellow gold, many others showcased the Tahitian pearl.

Often known as black pearls, these gems can range from light grey to a vivid peacock green in colour, making them an eye-catching accessory to any outfit.

Winterson Luna Rings

Winterson’s Luna Rose ring combines a striking aubergine Tahitian pearl with yellow gold and a pink sapphire, while the different tones in our Multi-coloured Tahitian Pearl Necklace reveal the true wonder of French Polynesia’s treasure gem.

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