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Take Your Pearls On Holiday

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the mood relaxed. Let's hope so, as the summer holidays are finally here!

Packing a bag for a holiday can be quite a headache though. How do you fit so many favourite fashion essentials into a small travel bag? Versatility is the name of the game and pearl jewellery is perhaps the perfect holiday fashion accessory. Here are our top three tips:

1. Simple yet pretty Akoya pearl earrings will match nearly any wardrobe item in your bag, be it a pair of jeans or a colourful beach dress, and can be worn every day.

2. If you are in the city for some casual shopping, a long pastel-coloured freshwater pearl necklace worn in layers is a understated style, but can later in the day transform most outfits.

3. For the evening, why not also sneak in a pair of Tahitian pearl earrings or a pearl pendant in the corner of your handbag to wear on a romantic night out.

Remember to take care of pearls when you are on holiday. Don’t forget to remove your pearl jewellery if you go for a swim or play sport. The nacre that gives pearls their characteristic shine will be damaged by acid and chemicals. Giving them a simple wipe with a damp cloth is the best method for cleaning pearls.

Finally, pack your pearl jewellery in a soft pouch, separated from sharp metal jewellery that may scratch the surface of your pearls. Our Winterson pouch is ideal for protecting your loved pearl jewellery.

Have fun!

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