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Jewellery FAQ

Where is your jewellery made?
We design, manufacture and finish the significant majority of our jewellery to the highest quality standards in the UK.

Do you offer an engraving service?
Yes, certain pieces of our jewellery can be custom engraved by hand in central London, which takes approximately 3-5 working days to complete.

How can I find my ring size?
Many of our rings can be ordered in a different size or can be resized to fit your required size. To check the size of an existing ring, download our Ring Sizer.

Is it possible to alter the length of my necklace?
Most of our  necklaces may be ordered in a different length than that displayed on the Winterson website or can be altered if you find that the necklace you have ordered is a little too short or too long. We are usually able to restring and return a pearl necklace to you within one to two weeks of receipt.

Do you offer different lengths of chains for pendants?
We stock a number of different lengths and styles of chains that are suitable for our pendants. Some of these options are also available for order directly on the website.

Is it possible to customise a piece of jewellery?
Yes, a number of our jewellery designs are available with different stones, gold metal or platinum if you are interested in a specific design or birthstone.

Are your designs available in Fairtrade Gold?
Yes, many of our jewellery designs are available in 18 carat Fairtrade Gold.

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