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Questions About Pearls

Is Winterson a specialist in pearls?
Our family business has been working with pearls for over 50 years and all the members of our team have been trained in pearl grading by the Gemological Institute of America. We are committed to offering one of the finest ranges of pearl jewellery available and we would be delighted to help you with any queries that you may have.

What is the best type of pearl to buy?
Pearls have such a beautiful diversity of natural colours, sizes and shapes. Our guide to Buying Pearls and our Journal is full of information and tips about pearls if you would like to learn more.

Are your pearls real?
All our jewellery is made with real cultured pearls, which have been grown in mussels or oysters and carefully selected by our team for their quality. We do not sell fake or imitation pearls.

How are your pearls graded?
We believe in a transparent and consistent assessment of the quality of our jewellery, whilst upholding the highest standards of integrity. All our pearl jewellery is graded in accordance with a system set out by the Gemological Institute of America, which also introduced the 4Cs system for grading diamonds.

Do you provide a certificate with your jewellery?
We believe in openly and fully describing the quality of our pearls and jewellery on our website and ensuring that our customers are satisfied and delighted with their purchases from us.

Why are the colours in your still photography sometimes different to your videos?
We photograph and video our jewellery in a professional studio using the latest high resolution photography equipment. The best way to view pearls is in natural, indirect morning daylight. The colour of the pearls may vary slightly due to the different and necessary lighting conditions that are used in still and video photography.

Do you purchase pearls?
No, we do not buy or sell pre-owned pearls or jewellery.

Do you provide an insurance valuation service?
All our jewellery is sold with an invoice that shows the value of the purchase from us. We are unable to provide an independent evaluation of pearls that have not been sold by Winterson.

Do you sell natural pearls?
No, we do not offer any natural pearls for sale. Almost all pearls available today will be cultured pearls. Natural pearls have increased substantially in value in recent years as their availability is limited. Many unique or historically important pieces are usually bought and sold at specialist auctions.

Do you sell loose pearls?
We do not offer loose pearls for sale.

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